Naomi started her yoga journey in her mid-twenties as a way to control her weight and chronic back pain. It began as a physical pursuit but, as is the case for many, Naomi found that the joy and peace that came from the class compelled her to learn more.

Naomi’s training includes injury clinics (yoga therapy), yoga for core stability & sacroiliac stability, senior’s yoga, body positivity, trauma, tantra and sound healing.

Naomi’s classes are alignment based and always approached with adjustments in mind to make them more accessible. Students most often say that they feel safe in her classes.


Each Wednesday, Naomi will be hosting a 30 minute yoga class through Give a Care’s Connecting Couches program. You can expect to see a mostly chair-based movement practice with a strong focus on linking breath with movement. The physical emphasis will be on joint mobility, lymphatic drainage, muscular toning and releasing tension around the spine. Beyond the physical, Naomi will be using sound, affirmation, guided meditation and breathing techniques to foster a calm and focused mind.  We hope you will join Naomi on the quest to be truly content in the present moment.


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