Lucy’s life changed when she went along to a yoga and mediation course called ‘The Art of Living’. It changed her direction, how she dealt with challenges and found solutions, enriched her relationship with herself and those around her and gave her the tools that she has been able to access throughout her life.

Lucy has been teaching yoga for 10 years in a variety of disciplines such as Hatha, Vinyassa, chair yoga and Yin.

Lucy loves that yoga enriches the connection with yourself- and the ability to go inside your breath and be totally present in a safe place to explore, grow and expand.


Lucy’s class will be mostly done in a chair focusing on Pranayama, which means ‘to connect the breath’ and techniques that reduce anxiety and will bring participants to a more present state of mind. Along with some breathing techniques Lucy will assist you in opening the joints of the upper body, practice some gentle hip openers and standing poses utilising the chair for support if required

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