The inception of the NDIS has been revolutionary for people living with a disability.

Prior to the NDIS, client’s had no choice over who their disability support provider was or how their funding was allocated. In many cases, client funding went to the disability support providers office to to pay the cost of running the business, then whatever funding was leftover, was allocated to support workers.

The difference now with the NDIS is that now the funding goes directly to you first, and you actually have a choice on who you use as your service provider. This has given people an incredible opportunity to make key decisions in managing their own care.

This means that you as a client, can decide your funding breakdown. For example, some months you may wish to spend more funding on transport to get around to places, and other months you may require more support worker hours.

Jeff’s vision for Give a Care is to ensure every dollar of your funding is spent on you, and most importantly you feel valued by your service provider. Give a care is a social enterprise, the goal of which is to ensure people living with disability can maximise their NDIS funding. You can contact the NDIS here.

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