Jessica has had a love for music since she was in the womb, with her mum recalling that her first kick was when the drums started up at a concert.

Using drums as the medium, Jessica assists people to tap into their own spark for life, relaxation and overall enjoyment for the moment. Jessica specialises in playing and educating others about the Djembe Drum.

She is passionate about uniting people and assisting others to enhance their own sense of inner peace, harmony and self-love by giving them an experience through music of how this feels first-hand.

“If you can embody love, live love and be loved, you will never be without”.


The class will be fun, engaging and inclusive. It is aimed at all people, no matter their age, abilities or nationality.

The class will start off with some warm-ups, basic information about the drums, games, learning a traditional West African rhythm and eventually have a go at a drum solo and some dancing! There are many benefits of drumming: improves overall well-being, state of mind and attitude, releases negativity and most of all brings people together.


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