Disability Support Workers

At Give a Care we recruit only the best and most qualified disability support workers (DSW) and match their experience to our clients needs and interests. An example of this is:

  1. Maria is a DSW who is experienced in autism, and works with an autistic client
  2. Jackson, a DSW who is experienced in peg feeding is matched with a high physical needs client
  3. Michelle is a DSW who has a keen interest in going to the gym is matched with a client who would like to be taken to the gym every week
  4. Jane is a DSW with a passion for horror movies and she is matched with a client who has the same interest.

At Give a Care, we have found that aligning support workers with clients based on common interests and experience is the best way to build trust, friendship and ensure enjoyment is had whilst providing an expert level of care.

We also ensure we have a variety of support workers with different working availabilities. Some of our clients require after hours and weekend work, some of them sleepovers and we are prudent to hire enough DSW’s to fulfill these needs.

Our support worker’s duties include but are not limited to:

  1. daily chores
  2. bathing
  3. feeding
  4. grocery store shopping
  5. help paying bills or using the internet
  6. activities of interest such as going to the gym or going out to lunch
  7. taking medications
  8. assist in physical therapy
  9. manual handling

If you are interested in seeing the profiles of some of our support workers you can contact us here

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